Pimms – The ultimate, British summer drink. We love it here in Britain, probably because it’s such a quick and easy refreshing drink to prepare and of course – to drink too! It’s one of those traditional British drinks that just doesn’t quite taste the same when the sun’s not shining on a beautiful summers evening. Whether you enjoy your Pimms relaxing in the garden with a BBQ, watching Wimbledon on the TV or over the park playing some cricket on a typical summers evening, we all know that it’s our drink, our Pimms, our classic summer British drink. It’s actually been referred to as the nation’s second favourite drink of choice, after a cup of tea of course!

One question though, is, ‘What is the perfect Pimms recipe?’ The way I like to enjoy my Pimms is the classic, traditional way. Call me old fashioned or what you will, I just like it the way it’s always been and always should be.

Firstly, grab yourself a large serving jug or carafe and fill it with a few ice cubes. After this, add 1 part Pimms, 3 parts chilled lemonade, throw in some strawberry’s, oranges and a few slices of cucumber for good measure and this will really give it that fruity, zesty taste we’re after. However, don’t forget to chuck in some chopped up mint for that added bit of flavour.

Serve it how you like, but a nice large long drink glass really shows off the work that’s been put into making this summer favourite, making it clear to see all the delicious fruit and added extras which have been added. I’ve learnt from past experiences that it’s such an easy to consume drink that you won’t realise how many you’ve had until afterwards!

Perfect Pimms Serving Jugs…