It is always said that the simple little ideas always work out brilliantly.

Take the paper clip, the drawing pin, the matchstick, cat’s eyes……the list is endless but they are all relatively simple and all have stood the test of time.

The brilliant Glencairn Whisky Glass was born in the same simplistic manner.

A Scottish gentleman, Raymond Davidson, could not enjoy the aromas and flavours of his malt whisky as well as he thought he should and to that extent sampled many containers and receptacles in order to try and sort out which size and which shape of drinking instrument  altered and improved his favourite malts.

The final shape he decided upon resulted in what is called The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass as we know it today and which won the prestigious Queens Awards for Enterprise & Innovation in 2006.

It wasn’t originally thought about as a commercial venture but simply as a means to an end and helping a whisky to taste that much better. The cheap prototype was produced and then left in a home office drawer for a number of years before being discovered by one of the Raymond’s sons who, being inquisitive, asked about it and what it was doing there. It was immediately taken from the office and after some investigation into production possibilities it quickly became a reality and the rest is history.

There are hundreds of different whisky glasses available on the market but it is this little glass you invariably see, whenever you are shown an image of a whisky event or a whisky tasting, whether it is local or International.

The simplicity of the design and the functionality of the glass in really enhancing the aromas and tastes of all types of whiskies explains fully why this glass is so good and why it is worthy of all the awards and recommendations it continually receives throughout.

If you don’t own one – you’ll never know what you’re missing and you’ll be kicking yourself forever!!