Unlike other Cellar Conditioners, you won’t be disturbed by the nose! Engineered for quiet operation, these units are ideal for use in the home, restaurant or anywhere where noise abatement is an important issue. The unit keeps your Wine Cellar at the perfect temperature and humidity with a high temperature alarm, triggering the unit to cool down the air surrounding your bottles of Wine!

Control settings and display are conveniently located on the front of the unit to allow you to monitor temperatures on the outside of your cellar. External digital temperature setting & display with smart sensors and controls, which automatically adjust power for superb energy efficiency. Electronic digital controls and sensors give precise temperatures (in either Centigrade °C or Fahrenheit F) and maximize the efficiency of the unit to guarantee longer life.  Its super-smart controls sense the conditions in the cellar and will adjust the power levels automatically to ensure optimum conditions at all times.

Both models ChillR 300 (for areas up to 10m3) and ChillR Plus (for areas up to 25m3) vent directly through an internal wall into a ventilated room, corridor or space, precluding the need to knock through an external wall.

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