Things to consider when opening up a Bar or Restaurant

The main issues when opening up a new Bar or Restaurant usually revolves around a few things – the location, the type of theme and food they’ll offer and the clientele that they try to entice and attract. Places that bring something different to the local area and offer a service that nobody else can or currently does will usually win people over.

There are, however, some important things that aren’t considered when starting up and most seem to totally bypass or ignore. Obviously, the food and décor are going to be the main issues, but other things like quality cutlery, dinner plates and glassware should also be high up on the agenda.

The one thing that normally irks me with restaurants is the way in which Wine is treated; some places serve it to you as if it’s Coca Cola! There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a lovely (and normally pricey) bottle of wine with your meal which is then served in thick, lumpy and horribly standard wine glasses! There’s no Wine Decanter in sight, it’s nowhere near the correct serving temperature and they fill it to the brim!

Restaurant Wine Glasses aren’t that expensive considering how much a restaurant/bar refit or start-up actually costs. A decent sized red wine glass suitable for all red wines and a decent sized white wine glass suitable for all white wines is all you need to get started. However, if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, maybe add a champagne flute and a burgundy glass to really give the customer the right impression.