Wine Glasses perform to the best of their ability when they are clean and cleaned correctly! The tastes and flavours of other Wines can become apparent if Glasses aren’t cleaned properly due to left over residues.

Wine Glasses should definitely be cleaned separately from your ordinary cooking utensils. This is because flavours and odours from foods and cooking oils can get into your Wine Glasses and this would dilute the pleasure you should be receiving from the full power of the wine in your glass.

There are various solutions to keeping your glasses sparkling clean and these can range from simple washing techniques or the use of designated cleaning liquids. Please ensure to only use glass specific cleaning fluids and attempt to stay away from everyday dishwasher detergent, as this will also leave slight traces of unwanted residue.

Wash your glasses in fairly hot, clean water, using a glass cleaning brush, cleaning balls or our Restaurant Crystal Clean liquid, exclusively imported by ourselves from the USA. Once cleaned, the glasses should be set upside down on a glass cleaning cloth or in a glass drying rack and to prevent water ‘legs’ appearing on the bowls, it is best to then dry them with a cloth as soon as possible.

Wine glasses are obviously very delicate and fragile, so please make sure you treat them as such and refrain from twisting the base or bowl of the glass when cleaning. If you have two drying cloths available this helps tremendously as it enables the glass to be held with one cloth whilst drying with the other, thus preventing any unwanted finger marks.

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