Top 10 Christmas Wine Accessories

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about presents! The ladies and gents of the Wineware office have compiled a list of our Top 10 Wine Accessories for Christmas 2008. So whether you’re buying or receiving wine accessories from us this Christmas, we’re sure to offer you high quality wine products.

1 – Peter Steger One For All Red and White Wine 8 Glass Set (STEGER-DUO)

With this glass the impossible has become possible. ONE for All is a unique professional wine glass for the perfect presentation of all types of Red Wine and White Wine. Made from Lead Free Crystal, designed by Peter Steger and made in Germany.

Price for 8 Glasses: £50.00



2 – Riedel O Range Cabernet Merlot Gift Set 6 + 1 (5414/60)

Set Includes:

6 x 414/0 – Riedel O Range Cabernet Merlot Wine Glasses
1 x 1440/14 – FREE Merlot Decanter

World recognised glass manufacture Riedel produce another great offer, this time 6 ‘O’ Range Cabernet Merlot glasses plus a FREE decanter.

Price for 6 Glasses and Decanter: £43.20



3 – Modularack Wine Rack 36 (MOD36)

The Modularack 36 stores 36 bottles of wine in 4 x 9 formation. Modularack Pine Wine Racks are imported from Australia exclusively by ourselves and are the most versatile and easily assembled racking system available. Manufactured from plantation grown Australian pine, a unique hardwood that will not dent, turn yellow or fade. Whether you are storing 10,000 bottles or only a dozen, Modularacks are ideal!

No tools required – pieces simply fit together / All sizes available in Natural Pine or Dark Stain.

This product is exclusive to Wineware in the UK

Price: £60.71



4 – Rouge 02 Electronic Wine Breather (EWB12)

To enjoy most wines you should allow them to breathe or decant at least an hour or more before drinking, how often do we forget or not have enough time or unexpected guests arrive and you need another bottle.

The patented Rouge electronic breather is the perfect solution as it reduces breathing time from one hour down to one minute in a controlled and sophisticated way.

Price: £14.99



5 – Leather Bound Wine Log (7015)

Wine Log, Cellar Book, Tasting Journal

Wine Tasting Basics, A simple guide for accessing wine. Includes a glossary of over 300 tasting terms, a wine cellar guide and wine temperature serving information. Organise and catalogue fine wines for greater value and enjoyment. With the thousands of wines available, you need a place to keep notes on the interesting wines you taste. The journal is Hardback with a black cover and gold embossing.

Price: £14.75



6 – Wine Aerator With Filter (4407)

Super Oxygenating funnel for decanters

Made of silver-plated brass, it ensures the complete volatilisation of the sulphurous anhydride when the wine simply touches the internal wall of the funnel, thus allowing a cleaner and more accurate olfactory test.

Price: £14.95



7 – Wineware Waiters Friend Double Lever Corkscrew (3040)

Wineware’s very own Double Level Corkscrew is made from Stainless steel with a Rosewood handle, with a serrated edge foilcutter. Every household needs a good quality Corkscrew for good quality Wines!

Price: £14.95



8 – Menu Display Wine Rack, Black (4662539)

Store your wine up on the wall and enjoy the sight of the stylish bottles as they seemingly waft a few centimetres from the wall. Holds six bottles – ordinary wine bottles, slim dessert wines and plump champagne bottles. The Wine Rack is made from Fibreglass-reinforced nylon with black synthetic rubber and designed by Jakob Wagner, the man behind most Menu AS wine accessory products.

Price: £29.95



9 – Schott Zwiesel Bar Special Champagne Saucer x 6 (111219)

Why not celebrate the Christmas period in style with Schott Zwiesel’s Champagne Saucers! Schott Zwiesel’s Champagne Saucers are already hugely popular and I’m sure they will be one of, if not THE best selling items over the Christmas period. The very stylish saucers are machine made from tritan crystal and can hold over 280ml of Champagne and are sure to please any receiver!

Price for 6 Glasses: £45.00



10 – Turn Decanter (4123)

The remarkable Turn Decanter is hand blown and designed to take aeration a step further. The decanter is shaped like a spinning top and can be removed from its stand. It can then be gently rolled in an arc, which renews the surface area of wine exposed to the air and speeds up breathing. The base is silver plated zinc alloy. The price includes a base and stopper.

Price: £33.95


FREE DELIVERY is available to UK mainland addresses for orders over £50.00 and FREE GIFT TAGS can be added in the checkout area so you can have your Christmas wishes inscribed for you.