Wineware’s Top 10 Online Best Selling Products for October 2008

With Christmas fast approaching, business is starting to build up after the usually quieter time of year in the summer. The dark mornings and afternoons signal the busy time of year for many in the Internet retail trade.

Recently taken on are the Glencairn Whisky Glasses, and as shown below are already making the Top 10 – they won The Queen’s Award for Innovation back in 2006. The Riedel Glass Cleaning Balls are present in the Top 10 and take the number 1 spot, while the 72 Bottle Modularack Wine Rack comes a close second. Below is the list of the Wineware’s Top 10 Online Best Selling Products for October 2008.

1. Riedel Glass Cleaning Balls (10/05)


2. Modularack Wine Rack 72 (MOD72)


3. Riedel Ouverture White Wine (408/5)


4. Eisch Breathable Glass – Superior Red Wine (500/2)


5. The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass (GC1)


6. Glass Hanging Rack, Wall Mounted (7308)


7. Black Plastic Standard Spittoon (3273)


8. Glass Storage Box, 24 Cell, With Lid 240mm High (5007)


9. Vinrack 12 (Vinrack12)


10. Iso Type Wine Tasting Glasses 21.5cl x 6 (5102)


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