Lager, stout, ale, homebrewed beer; no matter what he drinks we can help you find the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2013. We have rounded up the best beer gift sets to help make your decision easy: at the click of a button you can treat your dad to something extra special. These beer glasses offer unparalleled quality and will truly enhance the beer tasting experience.

Beer gift sets for men


He will drink “any type of beer”

Spiegelau beer gift set
This set of 2 glasses are ideal for a wide variety of beers, so this takes the pressure off knowing which his favourite is!

He will drink “pale lagers and ale”

Spiegelau gift set lager glasses
Buy this set of glasses and his favourite pale ales and you will undoubtedly bring a smile to his face. This set offers good value for money whilst also being practical and excellent quality.

He will drink “wheat beers and ale”

Set of two Spiegelau wheat beer glasses
Spiegelau beer glasses really do offer high-quality glassware for that ‘beer occasion’!

A beer glass for every occasion

Connoisseur beer glasses from Spiegelau
You will cover all corners buying this set of 4 beer classics glasses. It is the ultimate set for beer lovers or enthusiasts. He can choose the glass to suit the beer; ingenious!

We know beer glasses make for a fantastic present so don’t delay in ordering yours today. If you require further information on the Spiegelau range or any other products we offer then call us on 01903 786148 or tweet us for more gift ideas.