11-13-2014-bannerThere’s exactly 6 weeks to go until Christmas 2014, the early birds are already picking and wrapping their gifts for the big day, so we thought we’d give you a helpful hand too! If you’re celebrating in style this year, you’ll need to have some good champagne gifts! We’ve drawn together out Top 5 Champagne Gifts for Christmas, which you can also use to bring in the new year!

Wineware’s Top 5 Champagne Gifts for Christmas

1 – Champagne / Sparkling Wine Glasses

To celebrate in style, champagne glasses are a must! If you’re stuck for choice hopefully our vast collection of different glasses should help, we offer champagne flutes, saucers, tulips, tapers and many more different styles! Here’s to toasting to Christmas and the new year!

Price from: £3.50 per glass – Click here for more info >>


2 – VacuVin Champagne Saver / Pourer / Stopper

This Champagne gadget from VacuVin has three different functions in one…a saver, pourer and stopper! It ‘s non-drip which is perfect when serving with a ‘patented’ pull down bottle grip for easy use. Using this saver slows down the oxidation process in turn keeping your champagne tasting fresh from the first pour until the last! Fits most champagne bottles.

Price: £7.95 – Click here for more info >>


3 – Champagne Bottle Coolers & Chillers

Enjoying Champagne to its fullest is making sure it’s drunk at the correct temperature, keeping it cool is vital! So if your friends and family are keen to celebrate, our collection of champagne coolers and chillers are a must for Christmas this year. You could even treat yourself instead!

Price from: £8.00 – Click here for more info >>


4 – Champagne / Sparkling Wine Bottle Opener

This easy to use champagne and sparkling wine opener is designed to easily remove the foil, the wire and the cork in just a few seconds! This little gadget prevents you chasing the cork around the room and allows you to effortlessly and safely remove the cork.

Price: £16.95 – Click here for more info >>

product-04 5 – VacuVin Champagne Accessories Gift Box – 3 Piece Set

The VacuVin Champagne gift box is excellent value for money and a great idea if you’re looking for a few different bits and pieces within one gift. This set includes a stainless steel rapid ice champagne cooler, ideal for keeping your bubbly chilled, an easy to use champagne opener for easy access and a Champagne saver, this is designed to keep the champagnes bubbles and minimise oxidation!

Price: £34.95 – Click here for more info >>


Alternatively, why not let your lucky recipient decide on what champagne accessories they’d like, with a Wineware Gift Voucher. You have until 12 Noon on Monday 22nd December for guaranteed pre-Christmas dispatch!