11-20-2014-front-bannerThere’s just 5 weeks to go until Christmas 2014…that’s 35 days in round figures! Christmas gift buying is in full swing, there’s still plenty of time to get some great presents from Wineware so don’t panic just yet! If your loved one is into his or her whisky, you’ve come to the right place as Wineware stock a whole host of great whisky gifts! From the award winning Glencairn Whisky glass to the heavy based LSA Spirit Decanters…we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Whisky Gifts for Christmas!

Wineware’s Top 5 Whisky Gifts for Christmas

1 – The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass

If you’re looking for the ideal glass for Whisky, then look no further than the Glencairn whisky glass! It’s won some prestigious awards, including the queens award for innovation and is used by pretty much every whisky blender and lover globally. It’s a must have for the casual and hardcore Whisky fan.

Price from: £4.95 – Click here for more info >>


2 – Whisky / Spirit Decanters

What better way to pour and hold your Whisky than your very own decanter. Suitable for not only Whisky but a whole host of other spirits, our selection of heavy based decanters will certainly look better in the drinks cabinet than a cluster of dusty bottles!

Price from: £30.95 – Click here for more info >>


3 – Glencairn Official Whisky Flight Tasting Tray

If you like the look of the Glencairn whisky glass, why not go for something a little different. The glencairn ‘flight trays’ are available with either 3 glasses and a tray or 2 glasses, a whisky / water jug and a tray. This handy rubberwood tray is perfect for tastings as well serving!

Price from: £31.50 – Click here for more info >>


4 – The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass Travel Case Set of 2

The ultimate accessory for the Glencairn whisky glass is the stylish travel case! This black leatherette case holds 2 glencairn glasses and makes the ideal Christmas present for a keen whisky enthusiast. Available for either the standard glass or the handmade cut crystal version.

Price from: £30.00 – Click here for more info >>


5 – Spiegelau Whisky Snifter Glasses – Set of 2

Something a little different to your standard whisky glass is Spiegelau’s Whisky Snifter. This stemmed glass is nicely packaged as a set of 2 and offers your the chance to swirl your whisky without touching the bowl of the glass. The shape of the glass (like the glencairn glass) traps the aromas within the bowl making it smell and taste ‘fuller’.

Price: £25.00 – Click here for more info >>


Alternatively, why not let your lucky recipient decide on what whisky gifts they’d like, with a Wineware Gift Voucher. You have until 12 Noon on Monday 22nd December for guaranteed pre-Christmas dispatch!