Valentines Day is just around the corner and here at Wineware we have a selection of our top 10 Valentines gifts for your loved one.

10. In at number 10 is the Chic Lady Pink Corkscrew (LDV951103)

Full of sensual curves, Chic Lady will uncork your bottles gently and in true style. Its Swing System (patent) handle fits with the gesture of your hand: it is characterised by curling forms with a delicate firmness around the neck. The cork will slip out with no effort at all, making a graceful presentation of your wine.


9. Sitting at number 9 the Red Alert Corkscrew (LDV951059)

Wine first aid kit… Specially designed to open bottles that cannot wait.
This red alert corkscrew box contains:
– One high fidelity lever corkscrew
– One foil cutter
– One spare spiral 

A perfect gift for a loved one 


8. At number 8 is a set of 4 Riedel Champagne Glasses (4416/48)

Height: 218mm 8 5/8″
Capacity: 230 ccm 8 1/8 oz

Lead Crystal, Machine Made


7. In at lucky number 7 are Spiegelau’s Champagne Saucers (451-00-08)

Height: 160mm 6 1/3″
Capacity: 288ml 10 1/4 oz
Diameter: 100mm

Machine Made
Priced per box of 6


6. Up at number 6 is the Eisch Glass Decanter (712.15)

Eisch Glas Claret Decanter


Height: 219mm 8 5/8″

Capacity: 1.5 litres

Base largest measurement: 220mm

This is a handmade crystal glass decanter manufactured in Bavaria in Germany by Eisch Glas.

With the NO DROP EFFECT, This is a thing of the past. When wine is poured, the NO DROP EFFECT almost completely prevents the formation of drops at the rim of the glass.  As a result, no drops of red wine will run down the outside of the carafe.  This guarantees perfect stain protection of vessel and tablecloth!

Who is not familiar with this: After pouring, drops of red wine run down the outside of the decanter, and leave ugly stains on the tablecloth or on the vessel itself.



5. Halfway to the top at number 5 is the Turn Decanter (4123)

Height: 255mm 10″
Diameter: 225mm 8.9″
Capacity: 1000ml 33.8 fl oz

The remarkable Turn Decanter is hand blown and designed to take aeration a step further. The decanter is shaped like a spinning top and can be removed from its stand. It can then be gently rolled in an arc, which renews the surface area of wine exposed to the air and speeds up breathing. The base is silver plated zinc alloy.


4. At number 4 we have the Therm au Rouge & Rouge 02 Gift Set (TAREWB06)

The ultimate red wine lovers gift, solving the problem of cold red wine and breathing in one superb combination, offering excellent quality with unique design exclusive to this set, incorporates the original Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve and the Rouge 02 electronic wine breather, both items wine industry approved and endorsed by expert Andrew Jones.


3. Kicking off the top 3 is the Laguiole En Aubrac Juniper Wood Corkscrew (3982)

The Juniper Wood Corkscrew from Laguiole En Aubrac, is manufactured in polished stainless steel with a Juniper Wood handle and incorporates a built in serrated edged foil cutter blade.

This Corkscrew is supplied with a metallic burgundy-red presentation case.


2. Runner up at number 2 is the Menu Decanting Pourer & Vacuum Stopper Set Selection (4651219)

The original patented Vignon Decanting Pourer, oxygenates the wine as you pour. The Vacuum Stopper draws out air from the bottle, extending the length of time that the wine will keep after opening. The Vacuum will last for up to six days.


1. And finally, Wineware’s number 1 Valentines Gift for 2008 is a row of Vines for a year at the Château de la Grave Vineyard (WWXBASS)

Philippe and Valérie Bassereau provide a warm welcome from their turreted ‘fairytale castle’ of childhood dreams sitting on a hill looking out over the vine-covered slopes. Our exclusive Côtes de Bourg, called Dédicace, is named in honour of the dedication put into the selection of the blend. It combines a lovely perfumed bouquet of ripe blackberry fruit with a nose of vanilla from the oak – and the fact that you can also stay here in one of the three elegant chambres d’hôtes will guarantee that you will want to return.

Château de la Grave Vineyard.
Winemakers: Philippe and Valérie Bassereau.
Wine: Côtes de Bourg Dédicace (red).

Maximum allocation: 4 cases. Next option available: May 2008.