Valentine’s Day Gifts for him and for her!

It’s that time of year again where the middle of February brings loved ones together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’ve listed a few items below that we think would be ideal for both him and her to share on the special day. From elegant Champagne Flutes to bright red Corkscrews.

LSA Salsa Champagne Flutes x 4

The elegant red swirled Champagne Flutes measure at 240mm high and can take 250ml of the sparkling stuff! Each piece is individually handmade and mouth-blown and the box of 4 is supplied in a pictured gift box.

Box of 4: £ 45.91

Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew – Candy Apple Red

This modern designed Corkscrew from Rabbit is extremely quick at extracting the cork, 3 seconds in fact! The corkscrew includes a Foil cutter and an extra spiral and also comes with a 10 year warranty should anything go wrong.

Price: £50.00

L’Atelier du Vin Chic Lady Pink Corkscrew

You can’t lose this Corkscrew, considering its bright Pink! This gift would be much more suited to her, rather than him!

Price: £29.21

Glencairn Official Whisky Glass Twin Pack

With the last item being more suited to the girls, this gift is a bit manlier. Every bloke enjoys a glass of Whisky every now and then, so with the Glencairn Official Whisky Glasses you can’t go wrong! The glass sits perfectly in your hand allowing you to swirl the liquid around the glass releasing the aromas and is easy to hold allowing you to drink with ease.

Price Per Twin Pack: £13.23

So there you have it, a few Valentines Ideas for the both of you, but also some pointers on what’s good for her, and ideal for him!