Managing Director, Chris Wellman has found yet another drink to tantalise us with! On this occasion he has unearthed a rather delicious spirit drink, ideal for summer!

Anyone who knows me must realise by now that I have a very sweet tooth. When it comes to wines I adore the dessert wines of this world such as De Bortoli’s Noble One and the Inniskillin Ice Wines from Niagara and with single malt whisky it’s the sweeter side of things like the Speyside classics Aberlour A’bunadh and Glenfarclas.

However, there has been a new discovery on the ‘sweet tooth front’ this month.

Please let me introduce Thunder Toffee Vodka. Please don’t get me wrong, it isn’t sickly sweet and it isn’t stupidly alcoholic (29.9% ABV). The guys from Scream Retail Ltd have introduced pure toffee flavoured vodka which is simply stylishly perfect. It is free from any additives and preservatives and is made from triple distilled grain vodka and natural toffee syrup; the blending process alone takes nine hours in total!

Thunder Toffee Vodka is award-winning, achieving a gold medal in 2009 for flavoured spirit, gold awards for 2010 and 2011 and finally Thunder has been awarded with a great taste gold award in 2012. The next few years promise to be a huge success for this drink!

This darkly caramel coloured beauty is best served as cold as possible as a shot or simply over ice. This is what makes it so perfect and refreshing for the summer months. It is sweet enough to satisfy both the male and female palate and is also great as a long drink mixed with ice, lemonade or even coke. A great mixer for cocktails as well makes this London bottled concoction an absolute must try. Browse cocktail recipes using Thunder Toffee Vodka here.

Even the bottle with its new flat front is ridiculously stylish! Give it a try as soon as possible and believe me, if you have a palate like mine, you’ll be hooked for life and urging everyone else to get on board!