Buying presents and gifts for your Dad once a year in June should be a doddle, right? Well not everyone thinks so! Surely he’s stocked up on socks from Christmas and he’s got plenty of duplicated CD’s too! Why not think outside of the box and give him something that he’ll enjoy and maybe even surprise him? Dads deserve to be treated on this special occasion once a year, so why not get him something he’ll remember and still be using and enjoying this time next year!

Is your Dad a bit of a Whisky fanatic? OK, I’m not talking a whole bottle at a time here, but someone who enjoys and appreciates a drop of the good stuff. Why not surprise him and purchase The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass. The easy to hold, heavy based Whisky glass was awarded the Queens Award for Innovation in 2006 and is deemed, by many, to be the definitive glass in the Whisky World. We’re sure that this will impress him, plus they’re dishwasher safe too so he doesn’t even have to get his hands dirty!

You could even add to his decanter collection with an Elsa Spirits Decanter. This Father’s day gift would go hand in hand with any Whisky Glasses that you purchase. With the traditional square shape and the patterned base, he could really show off his Whisky, Brandy or Cognac in style. Hopefully he won’t store all of these spirits in the Decanter all at once though, I wouldn’t recommend that!

Does your Dad equally enjoy a drop of both red and white wine? Why not bring a smile to his face with a set of Rossi & Bianco, red and white wine glasses, manufactured by Riedel. 8 glasses are included in our duo pack, 4 designated for all types of red wine, with the other 4 designed specifically for all versions of white wine and the big bonus is that we’re offering them at a reduced price, so what’s not to like?!

Is your Dad looking for some inspiration to start his own wine collection? Has he got a few boxes and crates in the corner of the garage? Why not help him on his way to starting and organising his own wine collection with a wooden wine rack? Whether he’s starting off with a few bottles or he’s got them stacked up collecting unwanted dust, help him out and get him to show off his selection of wines in a brand new wine rack! Whether you think he’ll appreciate a Modularack, an impressive wine bottle cellar cube or a fully assembled traditional wine rack, I’m sure he’ll think that you’ve really made an effort for Father’s Day this year.

Whatever you decide on, I’m sure your Dad will appreciate the effort and thought behind his presents on ‘his’ special day of the year.