Which glasses suit my requirements?

One of the nicest problems in being involved in the retail of wine related accessories, of which one of the largest areas of interest being glassware is that, because of the vast range we offer, is that I’m totally spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing glassware to use at home.

I’m not going to be pushed into saying whether I prefer a particular glass manufacturer over another but the shape and size of the glass and the wine it is to be used for, to me, are the most important aspects when choosing any glassware.

Most quality glasses that are listed as being suitable for general red and white wines are just that and will definitely do the job, however, if you are into a particular type of wine, like I’m into Argentinian Malbec at the moment, then you’d need to look a little further and try a fairly large Bordeaux shaped glass and this will definitely bring out the aromas and taste even better than a general red wine glass. The increased enjoyment of the wine is definitely worth the additional expense of a nicer shaped glass which is better suited for that style of wine.

My consensus is that good glassware will definitely improve the taste of your wines and you should continue to experiment until you find the glasses that go with your wines (and your pocket). There are many manufactured glasses that suitably ‘do the job’ and once you find what suits you then I hope you reap the benefits by truly enjoying your wine!!