Date: Wednesday 2nd May 2012
Venue: The London Art House in Islington, London (a Johannsen Recommended and Conde Naste Award Winning Venue)
Roll Call:
– Dr George Dodd – Director of Science & Technology – The Aroma Academy
– Alan Gordon – Director – The Aroma  Academy
– Kim Lahiri – Sales & Marketing Director – The Aroma Academy
– John McCheyne – Society Ambassador – The Scottish Malt Whisky Society
– Daniel Busch – Organiser of Whisky-Live, Spa – Belgium
– Juan Carlos Arias – Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador – Venezuela
– Chris Wellman – Managing Director – Wineware Ltd

As this event was timed from 10.00am until 5.00 pm this would seem, at first glance, to indicate a very involved and technically demanding day. How wrong could I be?

The entire day was enthralling, exciting and most of all, fun. The other attendees, other than those from The Aroma Academy were all there, as I was, to further their knowledge in the aromas associated within the whisky world. Whisky is a subject I have become intrigued with in the last year or so and how better to get to know more about the subject than a day long Whisky Aroma Master Class with none other than Dr George Dodd and Alan Gordon, the founders of The Aroma Academy.

Their knowledge of their subject is unrivalled and definitely opened everyone’s eyes, minds and more importantly their noses to the fact that smell is around 95% of what we taste. This fact makes you want to learn more and I am definitely booking again for the more advanced second day when it’s available. The entire subject of whisky (or gin, or wine) aromas makes you want to delve deeper and deeper to see what lies below to get to the final aroma of what you know in your memory but can’t quite name – this class points you in the direction to help you do this and the rest is up to you and, with practice, it can be done.

Although it is an involved subject, it can be fun matching the aromas to your favourite whiskies and if anyone cannot enjoy this experience then you’re definitely in the wrong frame of mind!

I thoroughly recommend the Whisky Aroma Nosing Kits and especially the one day Whisky Aroma Master Class should you get the chance to attend!