Wine Rack Calculator - Made to measureKeeping your wine in a secure, safe and convenient location couldn’t be easy with our selection of wine racking solutions. We provide an array of different styles of wine racks, traditional and modern, produced using a variety of materials such as wood, metal and plastic.

The most popular and well known style of wine racking is the traditional wine racks, being a combination of natural pine wood timber slats and a galvanised steel frame work which not only looks great but provides the most economical wine racking solution.

A great way to tell exactly how many bottles will fit into a certain space using a traditional wine rack is our Bespoke Traditional Wine Rack Calculator, it will calculate exactly how many bottles will fit into your desired .area

There are just 4 simple steps when using the Bespoke Traditional Wine Rack Calculator:

– Choose the bottle type you wish to be storing in your wine rack
– Choose the required wine rack depth
– Enter the dimensions of the space you have available for your wine rack
– Select the finish for your wine rack

Once the above 4 steps are completed, a total price for the rack will be displayed. It really is that quick and easy to find out the total cost of a traditional wine rack and how many bottles it will hold.

Bespoke Traditional Wine Rack Calculator example:

– Standard bottle wine rack
– 220mm deep
– Area available: 1578mm H x 2347mm W
– Wine Rack will be: 1555mm H (16 Bottles) x 2315mm W (24 Bottles)
– Total Bottles: 384

There are many advantages of the traditional wine racks:

– Best economical value wine rack
– Made to measure
– British built
– Variety of different stain finishes
– Match an existing décor
– Long lasting and hard wearing
– Freestanding (although wall fixing is recommended)
– Fixing points included to enable it to be fixed to the wall to make secure
– The flexibility to store different sized bottles

Traditional Wine Rack Calculator

Any area in your home could become home to your collection of wine with no area being too big and no area too small. A great place to store your wine collection is in a dark room where no vibration or fluctuations in temperature are current. Wine doesn’t like to be disturbed as it’ll disrupt the ageing process, somewhere out of the way is ideal, under the stairs or in a coat cupboard is ideal unless you have a purpose wine room with air conditioning!