Since the beginning of this year we have been trying to help you as much as possible by making significant changes to our website. Our aim is to improve the overall customer experience, so that when you leave our website you feel you have had a satisfactory experience. (Yes we know technology can sometimes be at fault).

Purchasing a single temperature wine cabinet.

What have Wineware changed on the website?

So we listened to you and what you wanted and we are pleased to announce that we now offer more information such as wine advice and tips, across our website. On each of the category pages (Glassware, Wine Racks, Decanting & Serving, Corkscrews, Wine Preservation, Wine Cabinets, Barware and Wine Education) we offer advice and recommendations to help make your purchase stress free, as well as tips and advice, such as ‘How will my glasses/decanter be packaged?

As well as these articles, we have produced PDFs to help organise your wine tasting evenings. Use our wine tasting notes template for free. Browse our website for other PDFs which can be printed off and used for years to come.
We hope these changes will make our service more informative and helpful.

Wineware YouTube channel

We have also created a YouTube channel to demonstrate our products in use. We felt this was the best way to show you our products in action (and yes to show them off in all their glory). Most of the videos also feature our staff, so you can put a face to the name whilst also having a sneak peek around Wineware’s HQ.

What would you like to see on our website?

Perhaps you have a budding question for us to answer? Or you simply need some advice on how to serve a particular wine? Drop us a line via our Twitter page or email us and we will supply you with an answer as soon as possible. With your help we can provide helpful pages for you to use time and time again!