With so many apps for your iPad, iPhone, mobile phone or tablet, you don’t always know which ones are the ‘good ones’. Yes we mean the ones actually worth paying for. Luckily for you, the team at Wineware are more than happy to play about on the latest wine apps to hit the market!
Our latest discovery has brought us to 60secondreviews Wine. This app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

Wine app - 60secondreviews Wine

So what is 60secondreviews Wine all about?

60secondreviews Wine gives you a high definition video reviewing the latest wine. Yes you guessed it, in only 60 seconds! You can learn about wine quickly without sifting laboriously through pages of text or listening to a slow and tedious review video which leaves you wondering what wine you are after again. So whether you’re a serious wine collector or want to try a new grape variety give this friendly wine app a go!
You can search for wines by their bottle price, star rating and you can sort by colour and country. Red and white wines can also be sorted according to taste description. This app makes wine tasting easy and enjoyable!
It is like having a portable, well trusted wine-merchant wherever you go. Each wine review offers suggestions on when to drink the wine, why you might choose it and what food pairs well with it. This is undoubtedly a useful resource to have, suitable for all levels of wine knowledge and expertise.
The wine reviews are updated throughout the month so you will be sure to be finding new wines constantly! If you find one you particularly like, save it to your favourites and then simply click to buy from either a supermarket or an independent wine merchant. The videos offer the highest quality as well; optimised for the retina display. Wine topics and terms are also reviewed – so make sure you check these out too.
60secondreviews Wine is part of 60secondreviews which also offer 1 minute reviews of: restaurants, movies and books. So be sure to check out these other areas if they are of interest.

Wine reviews at your fingertipsHow much does 60secondreviews Wine cost?

This wine app is priced at £0.69 for a month or £4.99 for 12 months. Yes it really is only £4.99 a year; an inexpensive way to stay up to date with the latest wines on the market.

Why choose 60secondreviews wine app?

– Learn about a new wine in 1 minute. You’ll be an expert in no time.
– Wine reviews are published regularly as well as discussions surrounding wine terms and topics.
– Save your favourite wines and purchase from your local wine merchant or supermarket.
– Extremely reasonable subscription fee for great content, high definition videos.

What are your favourite wine apps?

Perhaps you have just discovered a fantastic new wine app or you have one that you use religiously every day (maybe a slight exaggeration) then do let us know. Leave your recommendations below or tweet us! We are always keen to find new apps that are wine or drinks related.

60secondreviews Wine app

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