How many times have you been out to a wonderful dinner and tried a delectable new wine only to later forget its name? With the wealth of wine apps for the iPhone now ever present, you’re no longer doomed to a never-ending separation from your favorite vino. Now you can create a virtual collection of wines, complete with your personal ratings, so that when it comes to shopping for or ordering wines you will be able to access what you want, or want to avoid, immediately.


The best iPhone wine apps

Vivino – Vivino allows you to create a list of every wine you try so that you can track your likes and dislikes. The app recognizes wines by label, so you can take a photo of the bottle and have the app match it. If it does not come back with a match automatically, the Vivino Wine Recognition Team will manually match it for you. There is a social networking aspect to this app that allows you to connect with friends so that you can share your wine experiences, and it has a “Nearby” feature, which allows you to check out the selection of wines in your local restaurants and stores.

Wine Picks and Pairings Natalie MacLean- Natalie MacLean was named the World’s Best Drink Writer at the World Food Media Awards. She has now created an impressive iPhone application for wine drinkers. This app has a bar code scanner that returns the user prices, food pairings, scores and notes about each bottle. It also contains a cellar journal so that you can record your personal notes and ratings. As an added bonus, this app also features thousands of recipes.

Cellar– With Cellar, you don’t only collect data about wine, you create a visual collection. You customize each bottle you own by shape, color, label and top. Then, you input the rest of the information, such as grape, region, type and, of course, your personal rating. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for later on. If you try a wine you like that is not in your collection, you can add it to your wish list. If you try one you dislike, you can move it to “trash.” If you’re having a hard time choosing which wine to have, give your iPhone a shake and the Cellar will pick one for you!

Drync– Not only does Drync allow you to rate and add tasting notes to each wine you consume, it also gives you the opportunity to purchase the wine on the spot using your iPhone. All you have to do is snap a photo of the bottle, and it will be purchased for home delivery. Drync also features recommendations from top wine professionals, as well as ratings from other users. You can share your wine discoveries with friends using Facebook, Twitter or email.

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