Built NY have come up with another great product, this time it’s the Wine Bottle Drip Collars. The Drip Collars prevent you from wasting a precious drop! Makes pouring wine or champagne dribble free and takes the clumsiness of pouring from awkward, oversized bottles.

Plus, the patent pending durable neoprene Drip Collar stretches to fit just about every bottle neck out there and is stain resistant and machine washable. Packaged in pairs, one black one red, Built’s Drip Collar makes the perfect gift for the wine-lover who has everything.

– Stops Drips
– Fits all Wine and Champagne Bottles
– Machine-Washable, Stain Resistant
– Made of durable neoprene














Click here for more information on Built NY’s Wine Bottle Drip Collars.