One of our latest new products is the very informative and enjoyable Wine Journal. The Wine Journal is an innovative gift with a real different that is not only educational but entertaining too. You don’t have to be a wine buff to enjoy this, you can be a complete novice looking to get into wine and enhancing your own knowledge.

The pack includes:
– 15 Wine Bottle Label Removers that allow you to quickly remove bottle labels from your favourite bottles of wine without all that messy soaking in the sink!
– A vast and detailed review of the main grape varieties (origins and characteristics)
– A step by step account the wine making process
– An interesting wine terminology glossary
– The well known in the trade ‘Aroma Wheel’ enhances the user’s ability to identify and describe the complexities of wine
– 52 double pages of tasting records

The Wine Journal would make a perfect gift for any wine lover or a complete wine novice!