How do I pronounce wines properly? How should I pronounce wines correctly?

Everyday, without fail, customers contact us requesting different types of wine glasses relating to various wines and grape types. Invariably the pronunciation of these words is somewhat different from those of the wine connoisseurs, which is obviously to be expected, so we’d like to help and give Wineware’s customers and consumers something back!

A little lesson in how to match the connoisseurs (at least verbally!!)

White Wines

Chardonnay / Shar-don-ay

Chenin Blanc / Shen-an-blonk

Gewurztraminer / Ger-vertz-tram-in-a

Pinot Grigio / Peen-no gree-jee-o

Pinot Gris / Pee-no gree

Riesling / Reez-ling

Sauvignon Blanc / Sov-in-yon blonk

Sémillon / Semee-on

Viognier / Vee-on-yeah

Pinot Blanc / Pee-no blonk

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon / Kab-er-nay sov-in-yon

Grenache / Gren-ash

Merlot / Mer-low

Nebbiolo / Neb-ee-olo

Pinot Noir / Pee-no nwar

Sangiovese / San-gee-o-vay-zee

Syrah / Si-rar

Shiraz / She-raz

Tempranillo / Tem-pra-nee-o

Primitivo / Prima-tee-vo