Collecting wine is an enjoyable and fascinating hobby for many people not only up and down the country, but globally across the World. There are a few differing reasons as to why wine is collected, it could be just for fun, an individual or companies financial gain, generally stored for drinking or for hotels, restaurants and bars. One thing remains in all of this though, and that is that wine should be treated with the greatest of care.

Wine Bottle Neck Tags / Labelling

Wine is usually stored in wine racks, but this can vary, whether it’s a traditional wine rack, a fancy modern wine fridge or simple but effective, wine cellar cubes. A problem with storing wine can be that it’s a nightmare to find certain bottles if you have a large and spread out collection. A simple solution to this is to use wine bottle neck tags to label each bottle, a select row or column or a certain wine type or range. It really does make it a lot easier to find and pin point that bottle of Red you were previously struggling to find!

Wine Cellar Sleeves

Another annoyance that can occur when storing wine actually occurs when a bottle is retracted from the storage position. We sell Wine Bottle Cellar Sleeves which are a great addition to any collection or cellar. The cellar sleeves act as a protector for the label against dust, stains, insect marks and damp and even between the bottle and the rack as they minimise any tearing of the label when bottles are withdrawn from the rack without the usual care. These are ideal for wine label lovers, hotels and restaurants as there is nothing worse than being presented with a nice bottle of red at the table with half the label missing!

Label Protectors

The Label Protectors can also be used for preventing labels from ripping, but can only be used in conjunction with traditional wine racking. The Label Protectors sit nicely on the metal part of the rack which the bottle neck is placed on. When a bottle is drawn out of the rack, the label hits a piece of smooth plastic rather than hard edged metal.

Bottle Protector Sleeves

The Protector Sleeves are a good combination of the previous two, but can also be used in transport as they supply more protection to the bottle. The polypropylene sleeves are easy to use, simply feed them over the neck and place over the largest diameter of the bottle. These also prevent labels from snagging which is a huge plus point when collecting wine.

Wine collecting can be an expensive and time consuming past time, but just a few simply things can prevent your collection from losing value because of a few snagged labels and makes it easier to find those wines you long for to match your food with!

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