We all need a little helping hand when it comes to choosing items for the home, or gifts for friends or family. A wine rack adds a certain personality to the room or house in which it sits, and as the choice of racks continues to grow, Wineware is happy to help you discover what is on offer.

Start your own terracotta army… of wine racks

Terracotta has been used extensively for thousands of years in sculpture and pottery, as well as in the buildings of past civilisations. Of course it is best known for the terracotta warriors, discovered in 1972 in China. What you didn’t know is that the natural properties in terracotta make for a great wine rack. We know this material is built to last, but the actually properties that make up terracotta mean it’s the perfect temperature for storing wine. Even when it comes to cooling wine, an individual hexogen can be soaked in water, and the terracotta’s natural cooling properties will keep it cool.


Our terracotta wine rack is the perfect choice for a kitchen wine rack, made up of individual hexagons that can be put together in a range of different ways to fit in your kitchen. And as your wine collection grows you can easily add more hexagons and relocate the rack to a cellar or wine room.

Modern wine racks make great gifts

With Christmas just around the corner you might be looking for a great alternative to the usual presents. A modern wine rack is a welcomed addition to the home, particularly because smaller models can do the job of holding your wine, as well as adding to the décor.


So if you often have bottles of wine lying around, or notice your friends or family do, you might wish to look at our range of modern wine racks. Stylish and very affordable, these display racks come in a variety of designs from cork-screw shaped, to mirrored design, to standard metal wine racks that just do the job.

Which wall mounted wine rack?

When deciding on a wine rack you need to consider which type will best suit your home. When it comes to a wall mounted wine rack here is some of the situations where they are the best option:

  • In a kitchen, small flat or bungalow
  • If you have a small collection of wine
  • If you have a smaller budget for a wine rack


I considered adding “If you have your own home bar” to the list, which is also true. However, you may have room for other types of wine rack too, such as the terracotta’s. The wall mounted wine rack is the ultimate space-saver and adds elegance to your room. The main decision you have to make is whether to focus on something that may hold more bottles but might not look as good or sacrifice a little bit of practicality for some ‘Va Va Voom!’

Metal Wine Rack vs. Wooden Wine Rack

Deciding whether you want or metal wine rack or a wooden one comes down to a few factors – taste being one of the main ones, but others to consider include budget, space available, style of the room in which the wine rack will be placed and of course, wine collection size.

Typically, you can buy a metal wine rack that holds up to 72 bottles here at Wineware. However, if you want a larger collection, wooden wine racks can hold up to 144 in our Modularack range, and our made to measure solid oak wineracks can hold even more.


To hold over 48 bottles, wooden wine racks tend to cost less than the metal ones. However, on smaller racks the prices are comparable, depending on model. When it comes to style you need to consider the room, décor and other furniture. A metal wine rack may sit better in a modern kitchen and an oak or stained wood wine rack may look better in a room more traditionally decorated.

We hope you found this short guide useful, feel free to browse the various wine racks we have on offer on our site, including the racks focussed on in this post.