Imagine this: you’ve just enjoyed a very relaxed meal with friends with lots of conversation, good humour and decent wine. The dessert of meringue with fruit and cream is served and to join this – yet another wine – however not any other wine but an award winning dessert wine: De Bortoli Noble One. The colour of this little luxury is intensely yellow-gold and looks great in the light. The half bottle (375ml) is now with a modern screw cap which is a new feature; as far as I’m aware. This by no means should put you off this fantastic little number.

The vintage is 2007 and this rich, over the top sticky opulent style is, to me, absolutely fantastic. The sweetness also has a certain acidity which balances and rounds off everything perfectly. The end result is that the conversation and banter immediately stops while everyone just concentrates on the wine and the rich peach, mandarin, kumquat, vanilla and honey flavours that are erupting in your mouth combined with the long sweet aftertaste. The only word is ‘wow’! If you are searching for a white wine full of fruit flavours to accompany a dessert or meal then this is it. It works extremely well with cheese, the flavours pair perfectly with the salt hit of cheese. This wine is also suitable for vegetarians.

Thanks to Managing Director, Chris Wellman for his glowing review. It has left us feeling rather thirsty indeed! You can buy this delicious wine from your local supermarket or online from Majestic wine. This is a wine which is highly recommended; so make a note of it and pick up a bottle at the weekend. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and review of this wine below. We would love to hear them.