Zuccardi wine reviewWhat wine has Managing Director Chris Wellman found for us this week?

Always willing to experiment I recently came upon a grape variety, that even though I’d heard of, I have never tried. I’m pleased to say that the Bonarda grape from Argentina (of Italian origin) is one to definitely savour, as the wine made from this variety is richly violet in colour and practically engulfs your nasal passages with fragrant fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries, blueberries and damsons. A real pleasure to smell!
The example we opened, Serie A, a 2009 vintage from the Zuccardi family of Mendoza, is a hearty, smooth, well balanced yet extremely fruity wine that I would imagine would match up with a steak or beef dish brilliantly. We had ours with roast lamb and rosemary and both complemented each other greatly. It’s the sort of wine that makes you request seconds of food, even though you haven’t the room; just so you can indulge in some more wine!

Why should I try this wine?

Considering that this wine won a five star rating in the Decanter Wine Awards in 2011 it’s very good value for money at around £10-£12. This wine is available from The Oxford Wine Company and Hennings Wine Merchants amongst many other wine merchants.
This dark blackberry coloured wine should definitely be added to your ‘2013 wines to try’ list; it is too good to be missed. If you try this wine let us know your thoughts below or tweet us your verdict.