Enjoy a variety of winesIf it is a spontaneous weekend away for two that you are after, or perhaps you are taking your wine society on a well-informed tour, a wine tasting weekend could fit the bill. A wine tasting weekend is suitable for people with all levels of wine knowledge from wine novices to wine experts.

It could even be that you are simply curious about learning how best to match food and wine, a weekend break can give you this knowledge in a practical environment. You are given the opportunity to learn about a number of different varieties, this can be solely wine or include other alcoholic drinks such as beer and spirits. With a great variety of weekends available you will be sure to find the perfect weekend to suit you, tasting fine and exquisite wines over a number of days; this sounds like our dream holiday!

What can I expect from a wine tasting weekend?


Every wine tasting weekend differs from one another but you can expect to learn more about wine and the process involved to make the wine. Most wine tasting weekends, whether in the UK or abroad, will show you around the city/town where the wine is produced. This gives you a historical insight into the history of the wine and how it has possibly influenced an area. For instance, restaurants may offer their town’s wine as the house special.

Wine tasting weekends will generally offer a vineyard tour. This is a fantastic chance to see the original component of your wine. Wineries allow you a glimpse into the wine making process, seeing how your wine is made from start to finish. These tours often include a stop off at the tasting room. This gives you a chance to taste wines before making a purchase.

Tip: remember to always take a camera on the tour as winery architecture is extremely varied and rich!

As well as being insightful a wine tasting weekend will be educational. A guide or spokesperson will take you through the language associated with wine and this will stand you in good stead for future events, such as hosting your own wine tasting evening when you are back home.

Well organised wine tasting weekends will include food alongside the wine, not only will this educate you about matching food and wine but you will also be able to sample more wines! Wine tasting weekends are available for just a one night stay or two, three and so on depending on your availability and preference.

Top 3 wine tasting weekend destinations


1.      France

It goes without saying that many wine lovers will enjoy a weekend wine tasting break in the wine capital of the world Bordeaux, France. There is a great range of package deals available offering vineyard tours, cellar tours explaining the fermenting process, the infamous ‘vinotherapy’ (known as a wine bath) and many more delightful insights into wine.


Smooth Red Wine Tour Destinations – Choose from Paris, Alsace, Loire Valley, Rhône and other famous wine regions in France.

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2.      Spain 

Spain is a great place to visit for a wine tasting weekend. You can enjoy the breath-taking views and indulge in fine Spanish wines and tapas. You can visit vineyards all across Spain from Galicia in the north-west to Murcia in the south-east. Spain is one of the biggest exporters to America and is there one of the wine producing countries you have to visit.

Wine Pleasures– is a wine tasting tour company offer tours for beginners and tailor-made itineraries.

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3.      Italy

Italy is the perfect wine tasting weekend as there is so much on offer and in beautiful countryside surroundings. You can be sure to indulge in fine Italian wines as well as delicious gourmet dishes. Italy is one of the oldest wine regions in the world.

Grape Escapes– this company offers a wide range of wine tasting packages in Italy and other countries including France, Portugal and Spain.

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There are so many places offering in-depth wine tasting weekends and these are just the top three that spring to mind. So do your research, see what country your favourite bottle is from and search for the wine tasting country you wish to explore. Wine tasting weekends also make a great and memorable gift for wine lovers ideal for celebrating a special birthday, hen party, stag do, anniversary or for giving at Christmas.

Perhaps you fancy something closer to home?

If you would like to attend a UK wine tasting course we have produced a post on the Top Five Wine Tasting Courses in 2013. Many of the courses we reviewed also offer accommodation facilities, recognised wine qualifications and other drinks related courses. So clear a space in your diary and make that 2013 New Year resolution: attend a wine tasting course or weekend away. This is a must for any wine lover or enthusiast.