How much wine should be poured into one glass? Have you found your glass of wine differs from one restaurant to another? Wineware has produced this post to dispel any myth surrounding wine glass measurements and inform you, how to correctly pour a glass of wine. It is important to remember that a wine glass should not be filled up to the rim!

How much wine should be poured into a wine glass? How full should a glass of wine be?

Some restaurants, pubs and bars are known to fill wine to the top of a wine glass however this is incorrect:

As a general rule wine should only be filled to the widest part of the glass’s bowl (see photograph below). This is usually about halfway or less. This allows you to fully enjoy the experience of tasting wine. You will also be able to easily swirl the wine easily, observe the colour and release the different aromas of the wine. Some wine experts and sommeliers say white wine in particular should only be poured a third of the way. This is to reduce the risk of the wine warming up too much.

How to pour a glass of wine

Glass of wine


Are there any exceptions?

One exception of course is a timeless classic, the Champagne flute. The narrow and straight glass should be filled a few inches from the top (of the glass) with Champagne. Then sip and enjoy the bubbles!

Wine serving tips

Here are a few important points to remember:

–        Consider the temperature of the wine you are serving as well as the room temperature. Please see our ‘Perfect Drinking Temperature for Wine’ guide for more information.

–        Some white wine and rosé wines require chilling to counter the acidity. Allow enough time for these bottles to be chilled.

–        Always remember to consider the temperature of the glass you are pouring wine into. If a glass is already at room temperature then the wine will warm up more quickly than opposed to a glass that has been ever so slightly chilled.

–        Wine should only be poured up to the widest part of the bowl (of the glass). This is still the case even if it seems to be only a little liquid in a wine glass.

We hope this post has helped you to achieve the perfect pour. If you have any tips or advice for pouring wine or wine serving tips then please feel to leave a comment below. Wine (and wine tips) are best shared altogether.