Bespoke wine is wine chosen/selected just for you, tailored to your taste, budget and personal preference. Everyone has their own individual taste and bespoke wine acknowledges this, so you enjoy your wine every single time.


Ordering a bespoke wine


Ordering a bespoke bottle of wine means you are (normally) guaranteed satisfaction with every bottle! Wine merchants and producers will usually invite you to wine tastings to get to know you and your palate. This is a great way to be introduced to new wines as well as informing a company of your taste preferences. Which flavours you love and aromas that make you run to the other side of the room.

Most online wine companies offering bespoke wine services will ask you to provide information on your wine variants that you like and dislike. They then base their selection of wines on your feedback and preferences, for example your favourite type of wine may be a medium light-bodied white so they would supply this.

These wine companies usually offer a promise; if you don’t like the wine they select they will replace it. Wine sets are tailored to suit you. Make sure you read the company’s policy regarding wines that you are not satisfied or pleased with as it differs from one company to another.


Bespoke wine gift sets
Wine companies will sometimes offer luxurious packaging with bespoke wine gifts, from hand-wrapping your chosen bottles of wine to including a small sentimental note. Bespoke wine gifts are the personal way to send a present to a friend or relative and are perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Or it could even be a special treat after a long week at work!



Order online

Here are our some of our favourite online bespoke wine gift sets and bespoke wine label services that we came across in the UK:

El Gato Negro Tapas – Bespoke Wine Gift Sets

Frazier’s Wine Merchants – Bespoke Wine Label Service

Wine merchants and shops may be interested in this article (from Imbibe- Media & Events for UK on-trade drinks professionals) which explores the benefits of creating a bespoke own-label wine.


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