Have you lost your glass at a (big) party? All the other red wines look the same and you can’t differentiate yours from theirs? (Although as wine experts we know they certainly don’t taste the same!) This is a frequent occurrence at birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. The mystery case called losing one’s drink. Luckily for you we have our own Sherlock Holmes here to investigate and solve this terrible crime yes we do like to exaggerate.


Stemless wine glass charms

This is the missing jigsaw piece to the puzzle. Stemless wine glass charms are the best and easiest way to label your glass in a trendy yet fun way. You can give your glass its own identity and make sure it does not get confused or mistaken for someone else’s.

Charms can also complement the theme of an evening, for instance if you are hosting a bridal shower wine tasting party you may purchase heart shaped charms with each person’s name engraved diagonally across. Or alternatively you may use a selection of wedding themed charms such as a ring, a heart, a bride and groom or flowers.


What we offer

VacuVin Glass Markers/Charms – Party People (12 markers)

Available in a variety of themes

VacuVin Glass Markers

If you have eleven friends with identifiable ‘characteristics’ then this set of 12 glass markers is ideal for a party, celebration or small gathering (remember one for yourself). In the ‘Party People’ set you’re able to choose your friends wisely based on these traits: curious, jolly, devilish, deep, mysterious, veggie, cuddly, sneaky, honest, macho, naughty and cool.





We have wine glass markers available for Christmas and football too.


DIY wine glass charms

If you really want to make your glasses unique you can make your own wine glass charms. This can often be inexpensive and gives your wine tasting or party the ‘wow’ factor. It allows you to use your creative side to create bespoke charm designs.

How to make stemless wine glass charms

What you will need

Magnetic clasp (you can order these online or buy in most craft shops)
Strong adhesive glue
Beads, charms, buttons (anything you feel will look good as a wine glass charm)



Choose which decoration you want for your wine glass charm (beads, buttons etc.) and using the glue stick it to the magnetic clasp. Leave to completely dry and then separate the two parts of the magnet and attach to your chosen stemless wine glass. Your stemless wine glass charm is made in a few minutes.

Please note: this design is suitable for stemmed and stemless wine glass alike.

Or alternatively…

How to make stemmed wine glass charms

   What you will needJewellery rings (or alternatively elastic string)

Beads and charms (you can order these online or buy in most craft shops)



These charms are easy to make and only take a few minutes. Simply string your beads/charms on the jewellery rings. Then attach the jewellery rings to each glass or let your guests choose their own charm!
If you are hosting a themed wine tasting evening then we suggest buying charms that relate to the evening. Or alternatively you could purchase initial beads so each of your guests knows is exactly which glass belongs to them (as long as they don’t forget their name that is).
Please note: this design is only suitable for stemmed wine glasses.



If you would like any further advice on stemless wine glass charms, how to make them or any of the products mentioned then please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you make your own wine glass charms send us a photograph via our Twitter page.