A short rundown of our Top 5 Best Selling Corkscrews

Number 5, Laguiole En Aubrac Juniper Wood Corkscrew (3982)

The Juniper Wood Corkscrew from Laguiole En Aubrac, is manufactured in polished stainless steel with a Juniper Wood handle and incorporates a built in serrated edged foil cutter blade.

This Corkscrew is supplied with a metallic burgundy-red presentation case.



Number 4, Menu Air Pressure Corkscrew with Foil Cutter, Vignon (4657059)

Remove Foil first with foil cutter. As easy as can be: stick the needle through the cork, pump the top of the corkscrew approx. 15 times and the cork slides easily and elegantly out of the bottle. The corkscrew is suitable for use with cork material only.

Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel, Rubber, Plastic Attractive Presentation Box



Number 3, Screwpull Trigger Lever Model (LM 350)

Unique style of Lever Model from Screwpull – inventor of the original Lever Model corkscrew.

The 4 Piece Set includes a Screwpull Trigger Lever Model, Foilcutter, Drop Ring and Stopper.

Innovative ’Trigger’ grip handle needs only one hand to securely grip the bottle.
. Comfortable and easy to use
. Can be placed onto the bottle with one hand.
. Automatically adjusts to bottle neck size,
. Grips and holds bottle securely.
. Minimum 20,000 openings!

10 Year Guarantee



Number 2, Wineware’s Waiters Friend Double Lever Corkscrew (3040)

Stainless steel with Rosewood handle, with a serrated edge foilcutter


And finally, Wineware’s Best Selling Corkscrews is, Screwpull Corkscrew LM-400

The best ever cork remover from Screwpull – inventor of the original Lever Model Corkscrew

The revolutionary, new cork remover from Screwpull
– Patent pending ’Rotation Technology’ removes the cork in a simple up and over motion
– Unique, ergonomic pull action is easier to use and requires much less effort
– Specifically designed for all types of corks, including plastic corks
– Includes a 4 wheel foil cutter

The gift set is presented in Premium mock-leather finish case.

10 Year Limited Warranty