The fantastic Vinovino range from World renowned German glass manufactures Spiegelau, is available from Wineware at a reduced price this weekend! With a 25% discount on the entire range, you’ll be able to purchase 4 glasses for the price of 3. The range consists of 9 different glass types, all suited to different styles of wines, champagne, martini / cocktails, spirits and water.

Spiegelau | Available from are three grape specific wine glasses, two for red for the classic French regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, and for white wine there is a wide bowled glass perfect for Chardonnay. These glasses are perfect for wines from these traditional wine producing areas in the wine loving country of France. An all-round red wine and an all-round white wine glass also feature within the Vinovino range and these are ideal for general drinking of all types of Red and White wine. The champagne glass has a slight tulip feel about it, with the bowl being wider than the opening at the top. A stemmed spirit glass, a wide tapered martini / cocktail glass and stemless water glass / tumbler complete the range.

The Spiegelau Vinovino range is ideal for someone looking to get into wine, or simply trying and tasting new wines. Equally, they are great for using within the home as they have brilliant clarity, extremely durability and are safe to place in the dishwasher after a few glasses!

Don’t miss out and take advantage of the Wineware Spiegelau Vinovino Sale – 25% OFF!

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