We have had a phenomenal year at Wineware and it is all thanks to you! Your on-going loyalty and custom allows us to continue to provide you with high-quality glassware, wine racks, corkscrews and decanting and serving products.

We are taking this time to momentarily reflect and see how we have performed as a company in 2012. Is there anything we could improve on? What have we done exceptionally well this year for you? We really value feedback, both positive and negative, as it helps us provide the best customer service so let us know your thoughts.

Not only has our online team been working around the clock to ensure you receive your products in time and to a high-satisfactory level, but our showroom has greeted many visitors from far and wide. This year we have had more people than ever coming and visiting our glassware showroom; only today did a gentleman combine his family trip (to visit his relatives) with popping in to view our glass selection. He did not walk away empty handed!

We thought it was only fair to share with you the top three selling products of this year. Did you order any of these? Let us know!


Top 3 Selling Products of 2012


1.  The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass – Set of 2 (Printed Gift Carton)

This set of two whisky glasses is ideal for giving as a present for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or for Christmas. It has been the most ordered product this year.

Glencairn Whisky Glass - Set of 2

Lynsey “These make fantastic presents!”

Wineware’s Lynsey tells us why she thinks Glencairn Whisky Glasses have been so popular,

“These are really popular with our customers for two reasons. They come in a beautifully packaged box ideal for wrapping and giving as a present. Secondly, the Glencairn Whisky Glass is now the standard whisky glass used by master blenders, connoisseurs and whisky lovers and is internationally well-known. Can I add a third reason? [Lynsey pauses and laughs] It is also one of my favourites too!” 

 2.  Montana Cuvee Wine Decanter 1.5L

Red wine (and some whites) should be decanted before consumption. This is so they can be enjoyed to their fullest, letting the flavours slowly develop, and obviously you agree! The Montana Cuvee Wine Decanter 1.5L has been requested time and time again. Why is that? The answer is simple; it is a high-quality, long lasting decanter, perfect for all occasions. This stunning decanter has proved extremely popular this year. We hope this continues throughout 2013!

Montana Cuvee Wine Decanter

Mark “I highly recommend this decanter, it’s perfect!”

Wineware’s Mark remarked,

“Montana decanters are stylish and functional. This product in particular is always requested by our customers. I have one at home and wouldn’t swap it for anything else in the world. I highly recommend it.”





De Long Map

Perfect for Wine Lovers

3.  De Long’s France Metro Style Wine Map

De Long maps are ideal for giving as a present to any wine enthusiast or lover. They are accessible to people with all levels of wine knowledge. De Long maps are praised for being informative, highlighting the major wine regions, major grape varieties and some of the maps mention the major geographical features. The map is also suitable for framing so can be a great addition to a wine enthusiast’s house.

“It is the perfect excuse to go on holiday and enjoy French wine, why not?” exclaimed one of our lovely customers.


Wineware’s Top Facts of 2012

Fact #1: The furthest place we have delivered to this year is Australia. (We did want to hand deliver it ourselves but we couldn’t take the time off!)

Fact #2: This year has seen a great surge in glassware orders for everyday use and for wine merchants, as well as for use in pubs, bars or restaurants: both in the UK and abroad.


Farewell! See you Next Year!

We cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for us (and you). So come back and join us in the New Year. We have lots of exciting plans for the next twelve months and want you to be a part of it. So forget making a long over-ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions, just make the one that you can most definitely stick to: visit Wineware in 2013.