With Mother’s Day being just round the corner, it’s about time you started thinking about what you could get. Here at Wineware we’ve produced a short run through of our Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas.


Number 10, Menu Food Warmer (5406019)

Practical and functional tealight lamp from the design company Menu.

The Food Warmer takes its form from the top of a classic lighthouse, and the light from the little tealight in the heater casts its light over the table, at the same time as keeping the tea warm for instance. At the same time, the Food Warmer represents stringent and functional Scandinavian design ethics, with pure lines in porcelain, steel and glass.

Height: 7 cm
Diameter: 15 cm
Materials: Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Glass

Designed by: Christian Bjørn




Number 9, Chic Lady Pink Corkscrew (LDV951103)

Full of sensual curves, Chic Lady will uncork your bottles gently and in true style.
Its Swing System (patent) handle fits with the gesture of your hand: it is characterised by curling forms with a delicate firmness around the neck. The cork will slip out with no effort at all, making a graceful presentation of your wine.




Number 8, Spiegelau Vino Grande 24 Piece Set (451-02-94)

The 24 Glasses Set includes:

6 x Vino Grande Burgundy Glasses (451-00-00)
6 x Vino Grande Bordeaux Glasses (451-00-35)
6 x Vino Grande White Wine Glasses (451-00-02)
6 x Vino Grande Champagne Flutes (451-00-07)


Price for 24 Glasses:£90.00



Number 7, Menu Wine Cooler (4658059)

Elegant wine cooler in glass with non-slip condensation collecting steel base.

Attractive Presentation Box
Designed by: Jakob Wagner

Height: 220mm
Materials: Stainless Steel, Glass, Rubber




Number 6, Menu Medium Thermo Cup 2 Piece Set (4504229)

The new thermo cups hold in both heat and cold – and ensure that you do not burn your fingers. They are constructed in two layers of porcelain with a hollow isolating centre. With the lid of black synthetic rubber, heat is kept in even better, or it can be used as a coaster under the cup. The thermo cups are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to enjoy beauty and functionality in your daily life.

This set includes:
– 2 Medium Thermo Cups
– 2 Coasters
– 2 Latte Spoons

Designed by: Pernille Vea

Price for Thermo Cup Set:£34.95



Number 5, Menu Black Propeller Trivet / Hot Dish Stand (4448539)

Black elegant Table Mat/Hot Serving Dish Stand that can be easily folded together to fit into the cutlery drawer. Aerodynamic design.

Maximum Temperature that the dish stand can hold: 260°C

Length: 21 cm
Material: Silicone, Plastic

Designed by: Jakob Wagner




Number 4, Nachtmann Rumba – Cake Plate / Chip and Dip (77808)

This is a dual usage set that can be used for serving cakes/flans/cheesecakes or as a chip and dip.

Diameter: 32 cm 12 3/5″

Price per Cake Plate/Chip and Dip:£28.00



Number 3, Cutlery Duo / Cheese Knives (LDV950670)

Obvious and simple; for dealing with all types of cheese, with excellent hand grip. Made from stainless steel and solid wood.

Extra-Strong Cutter – Short and wide, the Extra-Strong Cutter slices easily through hard and other firm or semi-soft cheeses, including Gouda, Pecorino Sardo, Cheddar, etc.

Fine Cutter – Long, strong, the Fine Cutter “works” with ease and stabs soft cheeses with washed or natural mouldy rinds and pressed cheeses too.




Number 2, Romano Gritti Champagne / Prosecco x 6 (RG07)

As a designer, Romano Gritti creates furniture, porcelain, glass, jewellery and fashions for his own collections as well as for leading manufacturers.

Machine Made
High Grade Lead Free Crystal

Height: 254mm
Capacity: 310ml

Price per box of 6:£77.70



Finally, Wineware’s Ideal Mother’s Day Gift, a Collapsible Colander (P210)

Using the fully retractable legs allow you to strain vegetables or wash salad with both hands free! Flexible and durable silicone ensures not only is the colander a stylish addition to any kitchen, but also enables fabulous space-saving qualities. A colander need no longer be considered a bulky necessity! All you need to do it pop it out to use, pop it in to store!

Silicone – Non-porous – Non-stick

Non-absorbent – Dishwasher safe / Heat resistant to 250 Celsius