Wineware’s Wine Pronunciation Guide

Anyone who knows a little about wine probably recognises this situation…

…You’re in a restaurant with some friends enjoying a good dinner with some nice wine. The waiter on the next table is taking a wine order and the diner asks, quite loudly, for a Cabinet SavvigNon. You cringe and although both you and the waiter want to scream ‘No! That’s not how you pronounce it!’ – you just can’t! It would embarrass the diner, his guests, the waiter and everyone in earshot so you just let him get on with it and leave him in his ignorance. If you were able to explain the pronunciation of wines, grape varieties and wine regions without anyone taking offence or getting upset then how nice would that be?

This blog is just to help you avoid making the mistake above and admittedly some of the lesser known grape varieties, such as Gewürztraminer do look a little daunting at first glance. This is not a full, comprehensive list but just a few items to get you in the swing!

Red Wine/Red Grape Varieties
Amarone – Ah-ma-roe-nay
Barbaresco – Bar-bar-ess-coh
Barbera – Bar-bear-ah
Barolo – Bar-oh-loh
Beaujolais – Boh-jho-lay
Brunello Di Montalcino – Broo-nelloh Dee Mont-ahl-cheeno
Cabernet Franc – Kab-er-nay Fronk
Cabernet Sauvignon – Kab-er-nay Soh-veen-yon
Carignan – Carr-in-yan
Carmenere – Car-men-yeah
Chateauneuf-du-Pape – Sha-toe-nuff Duh Pahp
Chianti – Key-an –tee
Gamay – Gam-may
Grenache – Gren-ash
Malbec – Mal-beck
Merlot – Mer –low
Mourvedre – Moor-vair-druh
Nebbiolo – Neb-ee-yolo
Pinot Noir – Pee-no Nwar
Pinotage – Pee-no-taj
Sangiovese – San-geeo-vay-zee
Shiraz – She-raz
Syrah – Sih-rah
Tempranillo – Temp-rah-nee-yoh
Zinfandel – Zin-fun-dell

White Wine/White Grape Varieties
Albariño – ahl-bah-reen-yo
Chablis – Sha – blee
Chardonnay – Shar-doe-nay
Chenin Blanc – Shey-nann-Blonk
Gewürztraminer – Gur-vertz-tram-inna
Grüner Veltliner – Grew-ner Velt-leener
Eiswein – Ice-vine
Pinot Blanc – Pee–noh–Blonk
Pinot Grigio – Pee-noh-Gree-jee-o
Pinot Gris – Pee-noh-Gree
Pouilly-Fuissé – Poo-yee Fwee-say
Pouilly- Fumé – Poo-yee Foo-may
Puligny-Montrachet – Poo-lee-nyee Mon-rah-shay
Riesling – ReeS-ling
Sauvignon Blanc – So-vin-yon Blonk
Semillon – Sehmee-yon
Trockenbeerenauslese – Trock-en-behr-en-oss-lay-zeh
Viognier – Vee-yon-yay
Verdicchio – Ver-deek-eeyo

There you have it – by no means complete but a healthy start.

We have probably now gone full circle in that you can now see where I have gone so obviously wrong and you know better. If that is the case please get in touch to save me embarrassing myself in future restaurant scenarios!