He may be busy running an extremely successful company but he still makes time to share his passion for wine. Wineware’s Managing Director, Chris Wellman offers you his thoughts on his latest red wine discovery: Bodega Norton Privada (2009).

His eyes are instantly gleaming as he clutches the empty bottle, “we had this wine on Saturday evening, it was fantastic, and I cannot recommend it enough!”

So Chris, tell us more!

‘’On Saturday evening, with four close friends, we sat down to enjoy a very slowly cooked beef and ale stew accompanied with some awful mashed potatoes which I take full responsibility for (never again!).” He interjects and states mash potato should never be blended, he emphasises never. We’ll ask no more on that subject Chris.

“The accompanying wine, which we’d never tried before, had been purchased that afternoon from a fantastic wine shop in Worthing called ‘Grapes’. It seemed to be the perfect type of wine to accompany the fare on offer. I’m blushing to say how correct I was!”

Norton Privada profile

Glass of Privada

“This deeply ruby red coloured blend of Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon was simply delicious, especially after being left in a decanter for 2 hours. It was beautifully smooth with very rich berry flavours and was so concentrated.” His eyes twinkle in delight and he laughs wholeheartedly.   “It made you stop eating; to fully enjoy the wine – it was that good.”

The price

“How can you go wrong at a mere £18.00 per bottle? It should be noted that this wine does need to be decanted to bring out its full potential. It also develops further while in the glass. This wine definitely deserves to be talked about.”

The verdict : “Bodega Norton Privada 2009 is continually scored by all the wine experts at well over 90 points and I agree – you have to give this a try as you will not be disappointed!”

Chris’ food pairing recommendation

“This big and full-bodied wine makes an excellent partner to meaty dishes, the meatier the better – the smooth silky tannins are divine!”

If you have sampled this wine please feel free to contribute your comments/reviews below. We do try and offer fair and balanced wine reviews but I think it is clear to say Chris loved this wine and will be buying it again, very soon. If you would like to purchase this wine please see the link given below for contact information.


Useful link

Grapes – Grapes of Worthing is a fine wine and delicatessen. The deli side offers an array of local products such as honey, cheeses, dressings, handmade cakes etc.