World Cup Countdown

The World Cup is fast approaching and everyone at Wineware HQ (well the lads anyway!) can’t wait for England to (hopefully!) produce the goods in South Africa. We’ve jumped on the bandwagon like every other shop on the Internet and High Street and have got ourselves two England/Football beer related products! 

Firstly it’s the very simple but very effective, ‘Football Friends’ Glass Markers produced by VacuVin. VacuVin’s glass markers have been a massive hit with us in the past with other festive designs for Christmas and Halloween, and also the original Party People. The product is very straight forward, simply stick one glass marker to any bottle of beer or glass of wine, remember which character is yours and then nobody will pinch your drink whilst celebrating one of Rooney’s goals in the Summer!!

The second England World Cup item is one of CellarDine’s best selling products, but with an extra present too! The England edition of the Zap Cap Bottle Opener also includes an England Bottler Chiller Sleeve as well so you can keep your Beer nice and cool while you bite your nails in the penalty shoot out (It’s going to happen!). The Zap Cap is quick and easy, simply place it over the neck of a bottle, push down and a special spring loaded mechanism removes the cap with the minimum amount of effort.

So there you have it, two simple and fun England World Cup products for you to enjoy, hopefully you’ll still be using them by July the 11th!