That’s what thousands of Chinese web users wanted to know in October this year

Basically just before Obama’s recent visit to china in November, the Chinese Internet users were asked to submit their questions to the 44th President. These questions were all collected by the state news outlets of Xinhua and Peoples Daily, and were to be presented to Barack Obama on his visit;

These are some of the selection;

o Would you play Truth or Dare?
o Do you eat Kung Pao chicken?
o Can you use chopsticks?
o Does the government pays for the first lady Michelle Obama’s wardrobe?
o Do you like to drink?
o How do you maintain a happy marriage?
o Can you add me on Facebook?

Whilst visiting Shanghai, Obama answered a lot of the questions put to him by the same web users, but the questions above were filtered out by the U.S state department’s website, so these more interesting ones were unfortunately scrapped.

So I thought we’d answer at least one question for them.

Does Obama drink?

Is Beer his favourite?

Well, yes he does drink, there are lots of pictures of the U.S president drinking and smoking, and as a self confessed drinker and smoker, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

There are loads of pictures of the U.S president drinking beer at Wizard games, candidacy drives and with friends, but is beer Obama’s drink of choice?

He caused quite a storm when he drank a bud light at a White House meeting with a Harvard professor in July. American Brewers all clamouring to know why he had chosen to drink a beer made by a Belgian / Brazilian, rather than a good American brewer. Maybe he likes the taste guys?

He did have a special beer brewed for the inauguration, but we aren’t sure if the President sampled it on the night.

“A Belgian-style brewery based in upstate New York, has launched a beer in honour of the new US president Barack Obama. Known as Ale 2009, the beer was specially brewed for the inauguration on 20 January.”

The website ‘’ showed their celebration of the 44th president with these rather lovely USA made beer mugs.

Are spirits his favourite?

So, we know that Obama likes a nice cold bud light, but what about spirits? What smooth malt blended spirit does the 44th president like to sip and savour, on a cold Xmas eve?.

As we can see here, the president does enjoy the odd tipple now and then, but if he is waiting for something extra special the Cooley Distillery in North Co Louth are already preparing for his last day in the White House.

“Today an American wood cask has been filled with a special blend malt whiskey which will be put in storage to mature before being given to the US President-elect when he eventually leaves the White House.”

Is Wine his favourite?

After 8 years of having no wine drinkers in the white house, wine makers are poised for change with news that Obama’s other home has a 1,000 bottle wine cellar.

Also with his positive impact on American youth, they are all hoping for a new wave of wine drinkers to emerge.

Wine experts have been making all kinds of suggestions as to the type of wine the new president should drink. He may well have the midas touch for Wine Brands, any wine he touches will turn instantly to gold.

A few wines that the experts have recommended for him are;

  • Biltmore Sparkling
  • Lynfred Seyval Blanc
  • Lieb Cellars resrve merlot
  • Wild Blossom sweet mead

Of course sustainable wines are also been scrutinised by the green vinters, who are looking to Obama for that vote.

It has also been suggested, after the whole Bud Light fiasco that Obama will be looking at sending a message with the type of wine he drinks, so we might be seeing the likes of Napa Valley Chardonnay and Zinfandels gracing his dinner table.

Tracy Kellner of Provenance Food & Wine in Chicago said she has had brisk sales of a South African sparkling wine made by Graham Beck after the Obamas reportedly poured it on election night. When People magazine wrote about a bottle of Kendall-Jackson chardonnay on the Obamas’ kitchen counter, the delighted California winery sent two cases of their best Vintner’s Reserve chardonnay to them.

If you wish to be ‘more of an American’ you could try sipping your Napa Valley wine in this lovely 10 ounce wine glass.

We thought this was rather cool, and Obama inspired wine rack.

Is Water his favourite?

Of course during the election run, the new president became synonymous with bottled water, which did get him into hot water with the climate groups.

It did however make Butxon water of from the UK very happy indeed, when Barack was spotted drinking the brand on stage.

Is Fruit Tea his favourite?

But it does look as though the president’s drink of choice isn’t alcoholic at all, it’s reported that he has developed an addiction for fruit tea, and not just any fruit tea ‘Honest tea’. His favourite flavours of the drink are ‘black forest berry’ and ‘green tea’, and he has even stocked out his presidential helicopter ‘marine one’ with bottles of the tea.

But how do we know it’s his drink of choice? Well he sent an aide to find a bottle of the drink and it took the aide 2 hours to find the exact one.


Now Bammers are buying up the drink like it’s going out of fashion, and CEO Seth Goldman of ‘Honest tea’ is delighted and said that “We had a great January, and thanks to Obama’s unofficial endorsement, there’s no question that Black Forest Berry was sold out,” Goldman was also invited along to the President’s address on the economy Wednesday at Obama’s invitation.

However Goldman has said that ‘Honest Tea’ won’t be cashing in on the support with a commemorative ‘Obama berry tea’. Although they did make some one off ‘Barack Forest Berry’ for the inauguration.

So what do you think? are we right, is ‘Honest Tea’ Obama’s drink of choice? CLICK THE IMAGE

I’m just going to go grab some of these yummy Obama cakes