Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller, Aerator and Pourer


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Featured in T3 Magazine (Oct 2014), InOut Magazine (Oct 2014) and Flavours Of Magazine (Nov 2014)!

  • Reusable - Use again & again
  • Non-toxic gel
  • ‘No-spill’ pour through spout

The Corkcicle Air is designed to keep your wine chilled from inside the bottle, as well as offering a great aeration and pour from bottle to glass.

The Corkcicle Air has the addition of a pour through spout as well as a built in aerator that will instantly improve the flavours and aroma of your wine!

To pour from bottle to glass, you don’t need to remove the Corkcicle from your bottle when pouring, simple remove the cork top and replace once finished. The Corkcicle aerator works by drawing air into the second hole in the top of the Corkcicle,  the velocity of the wine being poured brings the air down into the Corkcicle, mixing with the wine before leaving the spout. Aerating the wine helps to release characteristics and aromas that might otherwise have been missed.

Chill - Keeps already chilled whites at the perfect temperature and cools down room temperature reds to cellar temperature. 

Aerate - Instantly enhance the flavour profile of your wine by simply pouring into your glass. Both red and white wine display the same types of flavour improvement from aerating.

Pour - Remove the cap and pour right from the bottle to the glass with ease.

How to use the Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller, Aerator and Pourer

  1. After freezing your Corkcicle Air, serve out a ‘taste’ from the wine bottle to make from for the Corkcicle Air, then insert into the bottle.
  2. Serve the rest of the bottle by simple removing the cap off of the Corkcicle Air (twist and lift). Effortlessly pour directly from the bottle to the glass for instantly aerated wine at the perfect temperature. Place cap back onto the Corkcicle air to keep cold air inside the bottle.

Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller, Aerator and Pourer

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