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Hielo Wine & Champagne Cooler - Gunmetal Grey

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  • Height: 225mm - Diameter: 127mm
  • Keeps Wine & Champagne chilled for up to 2 hours using just five ice cubes
  • Manufactured from materials that create perfect thermal conductivity
  • No drips, no condensation, no wet labels

About the Hielo Wine Cooler

Perfect drinking temperature
Keeps wine at fridge temperature for over an hour on the tabletop.

Efficient cooling
Thermal conductivity keeps wine cooler for longer - naturally and effectively.

Crafted from aluminium
A simple, modern design that’s strong, stylish and sophisticated.

No direct contact with ice
That means no condensation and no slippery bottles. In addition, the ice and bottle are separated, meaning no drips or peeling labels.

It uses just five ice cubes
Less waste, less cost and better for the environment.

The Hielo wine cooler by Ice Cool Design represents tableware innovation that’s a must-have at home as well as for hospitality. In an age where customers are often required to handle and serve their own wine, the Hielo’s use of thermal conductivity, rather than contact cooling, enables guests to handle chilled bottles without wetness, peeling labels or accidentally slips - using just five ice cubes for over an hour of cooling time.

The Hielo’s simple cooling ability maintains fridge temperature gently rather than immersing bottles in ice or cold waIn addition, the. The internal stilts keep the wine bottle elevated from ice and liquid so that hospitality owners can give their guests a fuss-free, mess-free wine experience. The Hielo also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.

Please Note: This item is not suitable for a dishwasher. Wash by hand.

Also available in Black.

Design: Bucket