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iFAVINE iSommelier Mini Wine Decanter - Black


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The iFAVINE iSommelier Mini Wine Decanter enhances the decanting experience and offers solutions to the traditional decanting method, speeding up the process from hours to just a few seconds!

iFavine Features:

  • Simple dial operation
  • Set the traditional decanting time in hours and minutes, let the iSommelier take care of the rest
  • Using purified Oxygen, 1 hour of traditional decanting is achieved in just 60 seconds
  • No moving parts or additional filters/canisters required
  • Cuts a 4-5 hour decant to just 3-4 minutes
  • Filters ambient air to create 100% pure medical grade oxygen
  • 750ml iFavine Wine Decanter included
  • Available in Matt Black

2 Year Worldwide Warranty

- iSommelier is the modern solution to eliminating the limitations of the traditional decanting method
- iSommelier Mini is smaller version of the iFavine smart decanter, it uses a revolutionary technology that reinvents the decanting experience, enhancing the wines flavours and aromas in a matter of minutes
- iSommelier also has the ability to soften the wines tannins and transports it to a stage of maturity, this process usually requires years of cellaring.
- iSommelier reduces the decanting time from a few hours to only a few minutes, keeping the wines full flavours and aromas that the winemaker wants to deliver to the drinkers palate. It also allows you to have better control of the wines serving temperature as its been less exposed to ambient temperature.

How to use iFAVINE iSommelier Mini Wine Decanter

iFavine iSommelier Mini is really easy to use and speeds up the decanting process of your wine in a matter of minutes...if not seconds! You're able to find the wine that you're drinking on the iFavine app, this will then give you the perfect decant settings to get the full drinking experience. iFavine will then decant your wine in a few seconds or minutes depending on which decant is necessary for your wine.


Using the rechargeable batteryaccessory, the mini Ifavine can offer you the convenience to take an iSommerlier anywhere you chose without having to connect to a power source. iSommerlier gives you up to an hour of operating time.

iFavine Decanting Options

- Light Decanter: This program suggests 25/30% of normal decanting time. For the slow consumption of a bottle over the course of an evening.
- Full Decant: This program suggests 80/100% of normal decanting time.

iFAVINE iSommelier Mini Wine Decanter - Black

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