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JetBag was created during the 1990s by one its founders, Angie Cucco. In her youth, Angie travelled extensively between the US and Italy. During this time she would bring back wine for souvenirs. However, during the transportation of the bottles of wine breakages and spillages would often occur.

The JetBag was then created after years of experimenting with design, including using a baby’s nappy! The JetBag is a fantastic solution for all your wine, spirit and liquid packaging needs. It provides a safe and secure method to transport liquid whilst also reducing the impact during the journey.

Wineware offer either a singular JetBag or a pack of five, dependent on your needs. The JetBag wine bottle protectors are an easy, lightweight solution for travelling and are totally reusable.

JetBag Padded Wine Bottle Protection x 1

JetBag Padded Wine Bottle Protection x 1

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