Krosno was founded in 1923 with the first glass manufacturing factory being opened in 1924, owned by the Polish Glassworks Company. Krosno has now been running for just over 80 years and has overcome many obstacles whilst still manufacturing goods.

In 2004, the glass fibre manufacturing department was completely separated from the company. This included the contribution of all its assets to the subsidiary company, KROSGLASS S.A. The Krosno  S.A. glassworks merged with the domestic glassware providers, Tarnów S.A. in 2008. By 2009 the Krosno S.A. glassworks were pronounced as bankrupt, including liquidation of the property. Glassware production still continues, however the estate is under preparation for sale.

Krosno glassware offers customers unique glass patterns, dedicated and hardworking workmanship combined with advanced technologies. The high-quality glassware is only achieved by the well-developed, manufacturing processes at Krosno.

Krosno are award-winning glassware manufacturers and therefore Wineware are pleased to offer innovative glass designs from their collection.

Please note, if you require any other products from this manufacturer which are not listed please feel free to contact us. 

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