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The NEAT Glass will bring your favourite whiskies back to life again by revealing more aromas than your traditional, old-style whisky tumbler. Designed and produced by glass-making artisans, this unique glass creates the ultimate whisky experience. Through its beautiful, unusual and unique shape, the glass eliminates alcohol burn, one of the biggest factors blocking the whisky nosing and tasting experience and allows you to relish the full flavour, scent and pleasure of your whisky.

How to use the NEAT Ultimate Whisky Glass

1. Fill the NEAT Whisky Glass to the widest point of the glass. 
2. Hold the glass level at the neck is preferred to prevent warming.
3. Do not insert the nose below the neck portion where alcohol is concentrated. 
4. Keep glass level, swirl and nose over the ‘sweet spot’ in the centre just above the rim.
5. Taste. (The flared rim will flow your whisky across your entire palate). 
6. Have fun with it! Experiment with nose position and with different whiskies.

It is available in single glass boxes, a printed gift carton that is great for giving as a gift or even treating yourself!

Please note that if you require any other products from this manufacturer that are not listed, please feel free to contact us.

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