Since 2006 Peugeot has been offering a wide range of products including; corkscrews, specialised wine decanters, tasting glasses and service accessories.

Peugeot leads the way with its array of new products and designs. Among the first to be introduced to the market was the Elis rechargeable electric corkscrew. This was a welcome addition to the wine industry and was inspired by a combination of the 19th century double spindle corkscrews and the pepper and salt mills. Peugeot products are recognised for their form, function and aesthetics.

Wineware offer the stylish Peugeot Wine Decanter Drainer. Peugeot glassware offers elegance and efficiency and all of their products are manufactured in France.

Please note, if you require any other products from this manufacturer which are not listed please feel free to contact us. 

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