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Private Preserve Wine Preserver Inert Gas


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Spray the Private Preserve into an opened bottle of wine, the inert gas forms a barrier over the wine to protect it from oxygen to keep the wine tasting fresh! Approx 120 full uses per bottle.

Completely Safe - Inert Gas Blanket

Protect the flavour of Wine, Port, Sherry, Cognac, Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila & Sake.

Private Preserve is simple to use:

  1. Insert extension tube securely into nozzle with a twisting motion till seated
  2. Put tip of tube in neck of bottle midway down, against glass
  3. Place cork at opening of bottle, on straw
  4. For partial 750ml bottles, spray one long (1/2 sec) then 3 short bursts, pulling straw as you re-cork. Add 1 long for each 750ml increase in size (2 long/3 short for 1.5L etc)
  5. Use each time you pour and store upright in appropriate environment.

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