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About The Modularack Wine Rack


Modularack Wine Racks - Exclusive to Wineware in the UK

Modularack Wine Racks have been providing wine enthusiasts with wine storage solutions since 1978. Manufactured in the wine loving country of Australia, this plantation grown Australian pine is a unique hardwood which does not discolour, turn yellow, fade or dent over time.

Modularack Wine Rack

Wine is such a personal thing; some people prefer red, some prefer white, some like a traditional French where as others prefer and a juicy Italian. One thing remains the same though, and that is we all need to store our wine with care. Whether you’re cellaring that precious bottle for years, or buying to drink now, the Modularack racking system is the perfect way to store your collection.

Advantages of the Modularack System

The Modularack system is the most versatile Modularack Wine Rackwine rack on the market, whether you’re storing just 12 bottles or over 12,000, this wine rack is one of the safest and they’re easy to assemble too. Thanks to the nine standard widths (4 to 12 bottles) and by building to any height you require, you’re able to build a wine rack in your home, cellar or restaurant / bar anywhere with Modularack. The Modularack system allows you to grow your wine collection at your own pace - when you acquire additional bottles; you simply add another layer to the top of your existing wine rack!

Suitable for both standard Wine and Champagne bottles.

The Modularacks are available in either natural pine or a dark stain. If you opt for the natural pine version, the unfinished wood allows you to paint or varnish the rack so you can match any décor within your home or restaurant! They can be stored in a majority of places within your house or flat, whether it’s in the Kitchen, Living Room, Study or Garage, or even under your stairs!

Modularack Wine RackWhy choose a Modularack Wine Rack?

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • No tools required
  • Pieces simply fit together
  • Strong and stable
  • Maximum Storage
  • Your wine rack can grow at the same pace as your wine collection
  • Environmentally Sound – Australian Plantation Pine
  • Won’t dent, fade colour, turn yellow or discolour
  • A true cellar atmosphere in your own home
  • Makes a fantastic gift idea for any wine enthusiast

Click here to view our vast range of Modularack Wine Racks.

Modularack Dimensions:

Modularack Dimensions

Modularack Assembly Instructions

  1. Set two beams apart with the groves facing upward.
  2. Place two crossbars of the length you have chosen and insert them into the beam groves. Be sure the ends of the crossbars are flush fitted with the beams.
  3. Build additional rows by setting two more beams on the top of the crossbars on top of that. If you stack more than 7 layers high you should consider some stabilizing connections to the wall.

Australian Radiata Pine

Radiata pine originates from the California Monterey pine tree (Pinus radiata). In its native habitat it has little economic importance. In the Southern Hemisphere, Monterey pine (called Radiata pine in Australia...its Latin name), has been grandly successful especially in Australia. That is where the Modularack wood is grown and the racks are produced. Through selective and sustainable breeding superior trees with very straight, tall trunks are produced. The result: a hard, high-density, strong wood which is perfect for wine racking!

Modularack FAQs

Will the wood warp or crack?
Modularack have been installing wine cellars for over 40 years using the same design and product and they have never had an issue with warping or cracking. The design is extremely strong, stable and made to withstand time.

Are the Modularack wine racks sturdy?
Yes! Modularack are designed to withstand the weight of your wine. For over 40 years, Modularack has proven to be incredibly stable and withstand the test of time. You’re welcome to fix Modularack to your wall with a light bracket to provide piece of mind if you floor is uneven or if required.

What tools do I require for assembly?
None! Modularack is precision cut to firmly fit into itself. No tools are required.

Do I need to attach Modularack to the wall?
We would recommend doing so with a light fixture for your own piece of mind if you are building 12 layers (1600mm) or higher.

Is Modularack Australian made using Australian Timber?
Yes, Modularack is produced in Australia, using plantation grown pine sourced from Australia.

Can I stain Modularack?
Yes! We would recommend staining the natural pine finish ONLY.

Can I Oil or Varnish the Timber?
This is not necessary. The beauty of the natural pine Modularack is you have the flexibility to oil or varnish if you would like to match your own décor, it does look great as it is however.

Wineware Recommends: 

  • If you want to stack these wine racks from floor to ceiling, we suggest that they’re attached to the wall if you exceed 1.5m in height.
  • Use wine bottle neck tags to easily locate your bottles.

How to build a Modularack Wine Rack:

View our video to show you how to build your very own Modularack!

Modularacks are exclusive to Wineware in the UK.

If you require any assistance in designed your storage area, please call us on 01903 786148 or email us at info@wineware.co.uk and we will provide a suggested / recommended layout and design.

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