Air conditioned wine room in Loxwood using pine storage cubes


 Pine Wine Racking provided by  Pine Wine Racking provided by

Capacity: Room stores over 480 bottles

Type of Racking: 18 wine bottle storage cubes (Natural Pine - 298mm deep)

Location: Loxwood, West Sussex

Installation time: Within a morning (3 / 4 Hours)

Air Conditioning: Air conditioned wine room providing perfect wine storage temperatures

Other Info: 4 boxed shelves incorporated into the design to maximise space

This compact room in an outhouse / garage environment was built specifically to house wine with air conditioning providing the perfect storage temperature. The customer required a smart and tidy collection with bulk storage as similar wines would be housed within each compartment of the cellar cubes (4 compartments within 1 cellar cube). This was due to a small limitation on the different types of wine looking to be stored, so the cellar cubes were ideal.

10 storage cubes fit along 1 wall, the opposite sits 4 (due to space and the door opening) whilst the other has 4 cubes and a 4 high shelving unit. This was designed to fit perfectly within 2 cubes either side due to a limitation on space, this can house wine, spirits, mixers or even a set of glasses or a decanter, whatever the customer so wishes. All of the above was finished off with a 18mm thick natural pine wooden top with a 20mm overhang for stability and aesthetics. The top shelf was fitted to the cube below and no attachments were made to the wall as the cubes were only 2 units high, the wine room took just a morning to fit and be completed.

What the customer said...

“I found Wineware on Google and from the first helpful conversation I knew I was with the right people. Chris was incredibly helpful and informative in all aspects of creating my wine room and I'm delighted with the result. He really went the extra mile and made a wide variety of suggestions as to what would work and what wouldn't. He didn't try and 'over sell' me but simply provided a great service.”

  Pine Wine Racking provided by  Pine Wine Racking provided by  Pine Wine Racking provided by

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