Under stairs wine rack in Hertfordshire using oak racks and cubes


 Pine Wine Racking provided by Wineware.co.uk

Capacity: Room stores over 286 bottles

Type of Racking: Oak Hardwood Wine Racking in Light Oak Stain (298mm deep) - A mixture of single bottle racks and cubes.

Location: Hertfordshire

Installation time: 5 Hours

Other Info: Installed under the stairs in a private property.

This under stairs wine rack has been installed in a private house in Hertfordshire, just west of Hemel Hempstead and holds nearly 300 bottles! The entire racking is made from Solid Oak with a Danish oil finish to match the existing floor, lighting and potentially a glass or wooden surround will complete the racking area. This simple yet effective racking is a combination of single bottle holes and cellar cubes, this breaks up the space nicely offering different storage areas.

The install time for this racking was just under 5 hours, the trickiest part being the gradient of the stairs was matched within the racking as perfectly as possible. The customer is due to install some additional lighting and possible a glass or wooden front to make it more of an 'area'.

What the customer said...

“We found Wineware to be friendly and helpful from the outset and very patient throughout an extended planning process. Chris offered ideas and advice as we went through a number of iterations before hitting on the right layout. A site visit early on in the process ensured that all measurements were bang on and that the design worked for the space. Most importantly we were delighted with the final product. The wood has a warm and luxurious look to it and the racking fits in its space as if it was designed with the house”.

  Traditional Wine Racking provided by Wineware.co.uk Traditional Wine Racking provided by Wineware.co.uk Traditional Wine Racking provided by Wineware.co.uk

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